About Us

Monos Menos Manos (m³ for short) is a Chicago-based collective that creates immersive sensory experiences to stimulate the mind and excite the imagination. Drawing on a wealth of disciplines ranging from film, programming, and art theory to biology, engineering, and visual cognition research, we blur the lines between art and science to make unique and memorable experiences for audiences of all ages.


Alexander Waldman

With his background in film, television, and live event production, Alexander has done everything from prop-making and pyrotechnics to special effects and live projection mapping for local concerts. He has experience in show design as well as designing, building, and programming embedded hardware and mechanical devices.


Aric Waldman

Aric has formal training in art theory and practice with works in virtually all mediums, having specific emphasis on glass blowing and sculpture. His work focuses on both conceptual and aesthetic value with pieces ranging from a 10′ x 20′ inflatable walk-through “disco” to a series of abstract ink drawings.


Andrea Abtahi

Andrea is a 2D and 3D digital artist with training in architecture and motion graphics design. Working in video post-production, she turns storyboards into 2D and 3D graphics for music videos and commercials. 


Michael Kenton

Michael has a background in biomedical engineering and an interest in music and visualization. Through his research of visual cognition and his hobbies of DJing and VJing, Michael continues his drive to synchronize music and light to build cross-modal sensory experiences.


Carson Potter

Carson has a background in software development, interface design, and music. He’s built gesture-based and tangible interfaces for a variety of projects, both personal and academic.


Joanna Rogowski

Joanna is a UX designer and researcher with a background in cognitive science and engineering design. She has worked on building and testing a variety of interfaces including VR/AR games, medical devices, and web/mobile applications. Her personal projects include photography, videography, and motion graphics.