Night Lily

projection mapped kinetic sculpture, 2017

The Night Lily is a floral kinetic sculpture which combines art and high technology to create a spirited and organic representation of the ever-evolving beauty of nature. Utilizing projection mapping, precision mechanics, textiles, and fluid dynamics, the Night Lily evokes an atmosphere of serenity and invites the eye to linger. The Night Lily is designed to blur the line between art and technology by applying familiar techniques in an unexpected way, appealing to the senses and exciting the imagination. During the day it lies mostly dormant—a beautiful flower bud sneaking out now and then for a peek at the world around it. At night, however, the ancient tonic of wildness breathes life into the Night Lily as it blooms into a mesmerizing spectacle of light, color, and motion. 360° animated textures and video shine on its petals, which bloom periodically using custom mechanics. Stimulating our sense of touch, the Night Lily "pollinates" viewers using a dry water mist illuminated by beams of light, producing a cooling sensation. Like a mirage, its petals and tendrils shimmer with light as it pulses rhythmically, while its captivating glow and misty aura draw you near.

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